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At Fledge Media, we believe in quality. That is why we offer the freshest, most modern design solutions that aim not only to impress your customers, but to amaze them. We will use all of our knowledge and expertise to ensure that your message is delivered to the highest standard, with a personal service that lets you know that Fledge Media is a name that you can trust. Plus, buy any bespoke website and you will also get your domain registration and first years hosting completely free!


Bespoke Website Design

Would you like your business to stand out from the crowd? In a competetive marketplace originality is king. a bespoke website from Fledge Media will wow your customers and show them that your business is not just like the rest, it is much better. More Info >

Bespoke Website Design

At Fledge Media we aim to impress not only you, but also your customers. That is why our bespoke websites use the most modern methods, together with our sound understanding of time proven techniques, to provide you with a solution that is exciting and dynamic, but also targetted to the right audience. Without the constraints of online templates, you are afforded more flexibility, meaning that (within reason) almost anything is possible. Whats more, with cleaner coding than website builder websites, your site will be optimized for search engines upon upload, giving you the firmest foundation to advertise your services to the world! And with our bespoke websites starting at only £499, with free hosting and domain name for the first year, getting the online presence of your dreams is now easier than ever!

Wordpress Website

Are you looking for more control over your website? Wordpress offers users a feature rich environment which gives you access to all of your sites content and features, so thsat you can make updates and additions whenever and wherever you like. More Info >

Wordpress Website Design

Choose a bespoke Wordpress site from Fledge Media and you will get the same beauty and functionality of our bespoke websites, with the control offered by a content management system. Whats more, because it's a bespoke site, you will still get your first years hosting and your domain setup completely free!
A Wordpress site will enable you to change content, add images, change colours, incorporate a wide variety of different widgets, and much, much more. With some coding knowledge you will even be able to change the structure and layout of the site itself! This means that for an initial outlay from only £699, you may never need to hire a Web Designer again!

Template Adaptation

With 1000s of website templates available online, and many of them for free, getting a template for your website seems like an attractive option. Choose your template from a third party website, and we will help you to add your content and get you up and running. More Info >

Template Adaptation

Anyone that has purchased or downloaded a wesite template will know that finding one that you like is the easy part. The files look like gobbledygook to most people, and one slip can ruin the entire structure of the site. That is why adapting your website to a high standard take knowledge of web programming languages, as well as the correct software. Learning these skill will be very time consuming, putting you back from making your impact online. Let Fledge Media do it for you. Prices for adapting Website templates start at only £100, so getting yourself online could cost much less than you think.

Web Builder Help

The internet can be a difficult place to navigate for some of us. Sometimes even the help that is provided isn't enough. This is why we offer help using web builder apps to ensure that your online presence can remain strong, even if you're not present online! More Info >

Web Builder Help

Not everyone is a designer, and we understand that. Website builders such as Wix and GoDaddy do not account for this. They offer a design service, but the support and the service isn't great. Contact Fledge Media and we will ensure that your site is designed to the highest possible standard, with the friendly, personal service that ids offered with all of our products. web builder help is priced at £40 per hour, and majority of websites will be completed in under 2 hours, making getting online excellent value for money.


Website aftercare

Once our project ends, your journey begins, so we want to make sure that you are prepared for the future. We aim to ensure that you get the most out of your site, in order to make your business corner the online market. Below are tips on how to maintain your site, as well as any additional support that we can offer you. Just because your project is finished, we hope that you will continue to think of us in the future for all of your web design needs.

Hosting and URL Renewal

If you have invested in a bespoke website with us, your domain name and hosting are free for the first year. however, please be aware that these will need to be renewed on a yearly basis, to avoid your site from being suspended. We will e-mail you when your sites package is up for renewal, to prevent any loss in service.

Site Updates

Every now and then you may notice something on your site that is no longer relevant, or some content that has become stale. This is not a problem at all, just contact us, and we will quote you for any updates. We understand that businesses need to move with the times, and will be by your side the whole way.

Wordpress Site Conversion

If you find that you need to make more regular updates than you originally anticipated, we can convert your site for use on Wordpress, enabling you to make any changes that you need to yourself. For more information on Wordpress, click here.

Social Media Marketing

Social media accounts for a large portion of the marketing reach for many different sectors. Can you afford to miss out? Contact us for help in setting up your social media accounts, so that you can start building your presence.

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